The Rage of Fury in Nigeria by Taiwo Rotimi

Part 1
Where are we going in Nigeria?
Everybody is full of anger and anxiety for one another
Ready to be inflicted like a plague on anybody or anything
When did we get to this state in our nation building?
How did we get this far?
Why do we allow this to continue?
What can we do to stop it before we are all consumed?
Shouldn’t God Almighty be angry with Nigeria?
Unsure of where the journey will end if it continues like this.
May His grace be sufficient for her.

Part 2
You do me I do you
You anger me I anger you
You don’t even have to anger me before I do you
Children are angry with parents
Who despite all hard work are still unable to supply all their needs?
Parents are in rage with their employers who owed them so much, so long
Employers are in great fury with their contractors who are yet to pay them what they owed
Other contractors are angry with governments for no more contracts
But only dish out juicy contracts to their own protégés
With assurance of kick back, front kick, and side kicks

Part 3
Local traders are by name only but no goods to trade with
Where goods are available the prices made it impossible for buyers
Buyers are in rage with the market women for the skyrocket prices of goods
Goods the Market women  complained are too expensive to meet
Meeting the buyers the half way brings dozen loads of anger  from the Marketers
Job seekers are angry with governments who promised to provide jobs for them
After so many years of waiting for jobs that never surfaced
Without regular income, their future looks uncertain and precarious
The fewer available driving and clerical jobs are being contested by first and second-degree holders
Anger me and anger you, do me and I do you are not objectionable.

Part 4
Workers are angry with their boss at the top
For owing them so much for so long
With no guaranteed  payments so soon
To stay at home is impossible, to resign is a taboo, to be sacked becomes objectionable
Commuters in anger and rage with the drivers and conductors
Who keep shortening their journeys in order to reap big profit
Policemen on the highway in anger for lack of patronage
Commercial Bus drives with the  Bike riders in solidarity with the Taxi Drivers
Combined their anger together to be vexed on the high-handed Wetin-you-carry Policemen
Who must but give Returns to their superiors anxiously waiting at the Station?

Part 5
The church pastors are angry for dwindling tithes and offerings
The congregation is angry with the church for creating too many unrelated programs
In order to get more donations from the fewer members who are angry with the pastors
For diverting their offerings to build earthly edifice of universities, colleges, mansions
Which they cannot afford to send their children to
The world now finds rest in the church as against the vine owner’s advise
Christ is angry seeing His own house of prayers becoming the dens of jesters, robbers, adulterers and unbelievers
The sanctified pulpit of God is in rage with the pastors for extending it to the children of perdition.

Part 6
The Mosque is in anger and anxiety
The Alfas are in disagreement with the faithful
The faithful are wondering why things should be this terrible
They have prayed, prayed, and prayed
Given alms to the less privileged in the society
They have observed all the Five Pillars of Islam
But appears Allah is so far away from their cry
Boko Haram is threatening  to dismember the Country
With both Muslims and Christians as victims.
Allah sees it all and will pay all accordingly.

Part 7

Once loving and peaceful homes are becoming the houses of commotion
Where Anger and anxiety are fast replacing peace and love
Husbands are in anger with their wives accusing them of turning to sex workers
The wife is angry with the husband for his inability to provide and secure his family                                                      Children are angry with their parents for being selfish and not showing them the true and righteous way
The brothers are  in anger with the sisters because her focus is on material gain
Sisters are vexed with brothers for being so domineering when it comes to inheritance
Friends in anger without trust or faith in their friendship anymore
Friends stand against friendship polluted  by self, I and Me syndromes
Lovers cheat on one another and getting weary and tired of the relationship.
Part 8
Anger and anxiety, anger and anxiety, anger  and anxiety are seen everywhere in Nigeria
Corruption, lies, tribalism, sectionalism, jingoism, discrimination and oppression
At homes, churches, mosques, streets, offices, shops, and everywhere
Executives are  angry with the Legislature for stalling on bills against corruption
Legislature is angry with the Executive for blocking all its loopholes on corruption
The Judiciary is angry with both for perambulating on the spot but without movement
The masses are angry on the three tiers of government for short-changing them
All they want is the government of the people for the people and by the people
The students are angry with the Press for fake news
The Press is angry with the Students for being so docile and unconcerned.

Part 9

It is all anger from Lagos to Abuja, Port Harcourt to Kano and Maiduguri to Ibadan
Few insignificant rich but very powerful wealthy people all around                                                                                           There are only two parties in Nigeria irrespective of their regions – the rich against the poor                                     Everything to the Politicians is politics of survival  of the fittest and famitocracy                                                                   So many people are angry, the economy is angry, the politics is angry, the society is full of anxiety

No electricity
No water
No airtime
No food
No money
No transport
No education
No medicine
No job
No friend
No love
But what do you see?
Plenty corruption
Plenty riches
Plenty stupendous wealth
Plenty illiteracy
Plenty stealing
Plenty liars
Plenty poverty
Plenty Misinformation
Plenty whistle but no strength to blow them.

Part 10
One thing that is sure like the breaking of a day is that
This anger and anxiety cannot be allowed to continue
Do me and I do you is not for progressive and forgiving spirit
One day, God will raise up for Nigeria                                                                                                                                                 A Moses who will take her out of the land of Fury and Anxiety                                                                                                 To her Promised Land of the New Nigeria

Taiwo Rotimi

Taiwo Rotimi  is a published  and  an award-winning  author – One of his latest book  is” The 21Ways of Growing with your Children Taiwo Rotimi.


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